Measurable Results

Quality Assurance in Detail

Specialized testing and measuring equipment are essential for the quality control during the production and qualification of our products.

Here is an overview of our measuring instruments.


Measurand Measuring Instrument Resolution
Flatness Interferometer to 30 nm
Roughness Interferometer microscope to 0,05 nm
Plane parallelism Autocollimator 1 arcsec
Wedge angle Beam reflection 0,1 mrad
Crystallographic orientation Energy dispersive X-ray diffractometer (EDXRD) to 0,01°
X-ray fluorescence Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (EDRFA) element specific
Stress birefringence Polarizing light microscope to 180 times
Surface finish Nomarski differential interference-contrast microscope to 500 times
Thickness of optics Thickness measurements with laser reflektion to 2 µm
Contour of parts Vision measuring system to 3 µm
Transmission, absorption UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer (190-1100nm) to 0,5 nm
with polarizing-filter UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer (190-1100nm) to 0,5 nm
Transmission (IR) Fourier transform spectrometer (1,3-25 µm) to 2 cm-1

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CRYSTAL also offers sub-contract measurements for all listed services.


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Ulrich Krzenziessa
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Ulrich has a Master`s degree in physics and is responsible for CRYSTAL`s optical components for more than 25 years.